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How Does it Work?

Our members enjoy a weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) pickup of 100% Certified Organic produce.  We pool our members' money to order produce in bulk at prices significantly below retail.  The order for each group is delivered to the home or business location of the group host and sorted into shares of  equal value among the members.  Members pick up their shares on the same day each week at  a prearranged time, at which time they pre-pay for their next share.

How much does it cost to join?

There are no membership fees or long term commitments. Simply pay each week at pick up for your next share.  If you decide you want to cancel, just tell us and don't pay when you pick up your last share. 

What's in a share?

Basic mixed shares include a selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits, approximately 12-15 items, which changes weekly. When selecting items for each week's shares, we emphasize US products, giving first preference to items grown in FL and on the East Coast.  We recognize that each family has unique needs, so in addition to our basic shares we also offer a variety of options for adding more of the things you need most to your share each week. 

Types of shares

Basic Mixed Share
- $45 - This share is an nice assortment of 12-15 seasonal fruits and vegetables that we use regularly as well as unique items from time to time. We recommend that most members start with this share.

Fruit Lover's Share - $45. This share will have more fruit than the Basic share. This share will not usually include leafy greens other than lettuce and spinach and does not include more strong flavored vegetables such as cabbage, mushrooms and beets. 

Very Veggie Share - $45.  This share is designed for those people who wish to limit the amount of fruit in their diets.  The share will have more leafy greens and a larger quantity of vegetables.  No fruit is included in this share except occasional lemons, tomatoes and avocados. Berries and other lower sugar fruit can sometimes be included if requested.

Need More?  Customize your share to better meet your needs by adding extra items to your base share

Extra Fruit - $10 and up, in $5 increments

Extra Veg - $5 and up, in $5 increments

Extra Leafy Greens - 2 bunches, $5

Herbs - $5 (minimum 3 orders per group)

What if I need to skip a week?

No problem!  Just let us know by noon on the Wednesday prior to your next scheduled pickup. You don't need to find a substitute unless it's after the deadline. This deadline is firm and includes emergency situations.  We suggest that you have 1-2 people in mind who would take your share for you if you needed to skip unexpectedly after the deadline.

Where do I pick up?

We have groups in many cities in East Florida.   Join a group near you, or host a group at your home or business location and receive your share for FREE!    
Contact us for the location of the group closest to you.

How do I pay?

Each week at pick up you pay for your next share.  This allows us to know how many shares to plan for in the upcoming  week.  You can pay by check, made payable to "Affordable Organics", or cash.  If bringing cash, please bring the exact amount as your host may not be able to make change.  If you don't have the exact amount and overpay, we will apply it toward your next share. 

I like to try new things, but I don't always know what to do with them.  Can you help?

Each week we supply recipes featuring the items in each share to give you ideas and help you learn to use new things.

Can I try just one share?

Shares vary each week.  We recommend that you try a share two or three times to get a better idea of what's included.  If you don't want to commit to at least two shares you can try just one,  but  your spot for the following pick up will not be guaranteed if it's not prepaid.

I'm picky.  What if I don't like something?

We post a list of what we're expecting in the next share every Thursday afternoon on our Facebook page.  A day or two before pickup you’ll also get a reminder email with the list of what your group is getting.  If there is something in the share that you won't be able to use, just email to  let us know in advance.  It's our pleasure to work with you to be sure you get what you like and we are usually able to substitute another item of equal value. If, however, you have a long list of things you don't use this may not be the best experience for you, or for us.

How do I sign up?

Send us your contact info and we will contact you as soon as we have a space available in your area..  Please include your address so we can determine which group is closest to you. If you have been referred by a member, please tell us so we can thank them.  Contact us

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